​​We have supplied some links to some raw food companies to help you get started. You can even check with your local butchers in your area who can also supply a lot of your dogs needs as well remember the best raw feed diet starts with a (80/10/10 ) 80 % meat protein, 10% bone, 10% organ/offal. We also add eggs 2x a week, plain yogurt / kefir,  fresh sardines 1x week, apple cider vinegar, ester c, fresh fruits in season as a treat ( no grapes) etc..,

There are lots of new companies out there that you can also buy premade and ready to eat meals, most if not all of the company below do ship directly to your home. 

Feeding a raw natural diet  does take work and dedication, research is the key to a successful diet that works best for you and your dog. On our nutrient page we have supplied you with some links and videos to help guide your way to a successful raw diet.

​Check back as we are always adding new companies to this page..

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