​​​​​​CH. Bodyguards Maximus Di Knights Watch

R.I.P  My heart dog  Max you will always be in my heart 

12/15/2012 to 6/24/2017 


​​​​ CH. Bodyguards Maximus was our commander and chief of our property 

He is the son of CH. BodyGuard's Cabo Wabo Pelrine & Body Guards Ruff Stuff

Grandson to TEC1 BodyGuard's Wrights Sparks & Grinion's Beyonce and Bodyguards Magnium & Legacy's Pursia di Bodyguard 

Multiple best of breed wins while obtaining his championship title. 

Max was a wonderful ambassador to this majestic breed. He was a strong and powerful dog and yet he was just fabulous with kids, he loved his car rides, especially loved his family, he was just an all around wonderful dog and we were blessed to have him in our lives. He is the reason we decided to get more involved in this breed as he stole our hearts within the​ 1st week he came home with us... 

Maximus Doing A Little Work 

Show Wins 

 Maximus As A Puppy