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​​​​​We Are Members Of The Cane Corso Association Of America CCAA  

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Welcome To The Knights Watch 

We are hobbyist breeders of the majestic Cane (Kah-Neh) Corso. We are located In the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where we reside on 12 acres. We have been involved in this amazing breed since 2012 when we purchased our 1st Cane (Kah-Nah) Corso, we do have a 30 year background in large working breeds (Rottweilers and Dobermans). We are not a big breeder we are just hobbyist who fell in love with this majestic breed and want to be part of the preservation.  All our dogs do live in our home and are part of our family. Heath testing, Temperament and Socialization are very important to our program. Our goal/mission is to produce a healthy all around well balanced Cane (Kah-Neh ) Corso to the written standards. We take a lot of pride in our program and we do put the time in with our dogs when it comes to showing, training and socializing. Nutrient is also very important to us and we do feed all of our dogs and puppies a 100% raw natural diet.

 " We Breed for Quality Not Quantity "  

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